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Baldwin Hardware

Thursday November 20, 2008 - Baldwin was born in America, and in the spirit of its birthplace, strives constantly to achieve a rich combination of Timeless Craftsmanship and timely good taste. For more than 50 years, Baldwin has successfully aimed at setting new standards of excellence in its products for the home and workplace. From the beginning, the skilled use of hot forging gave the Baldwin brand its competitive edge and went on to become the industry standard. Today, this continuing commitment endures as Baldwin defines itself by its identification with Timeless Craftsmanship. As the company approached its half-century mark, the restless quest to combine quality and innovation had not flagged, and in the early 1990s, Baldwin became the first in its industry to offer homeowners the company's patented Lifetime Finish©; protective coating for its products. True to its tradition of setting industry standards through tireless research and meticulous craftsmanship, Baldwin developed this proprietary finishing technique in order to guarantee that its unique exterior finishes will, for the life of the product, remain free of pitting, erosion and the tolls that weather can take on less meticulously finished products. More than just a brand name, Baldwin identifies a birthright to the claim that time-tested skills forge the surest path to timely design solutions. Those who aspire to make the home much more than mere shelter and the office much more than mere work space, face design challenges that are daunting. For them, the name Baldwin is their assurance that function and elegance, as well as lasting value and contemporary style, can be found within the same fine family of products.