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Tectus Hinges - 5 250930 0 00001 - Universal Milling Frame
Tectus Hinges 5 250930 0 00001

Universal Milling Frame

1 x universal frame
1 x clamping device

Fitting Instructions

  • Secure the clamping device to the routing frame using the clamp rods.

  • Roughly adjust the clamping device according to rabbet construction and fix in place with fastening screws.

  • Clamp routing frame to workpiece with clamping wheel.

  • Insert template and roughly adjust using the standard values given for rail and angle.

  • Carry out fine adjustment using spindles.

Suitable For
TE 240 3D, TE 340 3D, TE 540 3D, TE 640 3D, TE 541 3D FVZ, TE 540 3D A8, TE 640 3D A8, TE 626 3D A8, TE 240 3D Energy, TE 340 3D Energy, TE 526 3D Energy, TE 527 3D Energy, TE 540 3D Energy, TE 640 3D Energy, TE 540 3D A8 Energy, TE 640 3D A8 Energy, TE 626 3D A8 Energy


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