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Coastal Bronze

.Coastal Bronze

Coastal Bronze Gate, Door, and Shutter Hardware

We provide Traditional Coastal Bronze Hardware for Gates, Doors, Shutter, Barns, Window, and Carriage Doors.

Gate hardware for wood or metal gates, door hardware along with barn hardware and a complete line of strap hinges that will accent any gate or door. And just added to the Coastal Bronze collection you will find a complete line of window and shutter hardware.

Coastal Bronze is a Manufacturer of Quality Bronze Gate, Door, And Shutter Hardware.

Coastal Bronze was created to provide a reliable and cost effective source for solid bronze hardware for restorations in rustic old world designs for coastal areas and rustic settings. Coastal Bronze products fill a gap that has existed for years in restoration hardware lines for these types of products.

With a focus on gate hardware, Coastal Bronze will fill a gap in the hardware industry for a restoration product that is rust resistant in extreme outdoor conditions. We offer a living finish that ages naturally and will produce a greenish patina in extreme conditions.

As a Manufacturer of bronze hardware we have chosen old traditional designs that have been around for hundreds of years.

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ABOUT Coastal Bronze

Good maintenance for Coastal Bronze Hardware can give you a lifetime of beautiful bronze gate hardware.

Q: How do you care for your Coastal Bronze Home Hardware?
A: Never use spray or liquid furniture polishes to clean your bronze hardware. These polishes may contain oils which could damage the original patina finish.
A: In climates with higher humidity, or if you live where there is a higher concentration of airborne pollutants, cleaning and waxing may be needed twice a year.

Q: How do you apply wax on your Coastal Bronze Hardware?
A: All bronze darkens with age, however waxing may slow the process of oxidation.
To apply the wax, you need two - one to two inch paint brushes that will be used only for cleaning your bronze. Do not use brushes that you have used for other purposes as chemicals may remain in the bristles and if transferred to the patina finish, may cause permanent discoloration.
1. Start by applying a protective circle of tape around the metal ferrules that hold the bristles in the brushes you are using. This will help prevent scratching of the surface when applying the wax and when dusting.
2. Wipe your bronze free of any dust and fingerprints using a clean, dry, cotton cloth. Use one of the brushes to remove dust from small crevasses or hard to reach places.
3. Use "Renaissance" wax, or other "microcrystalline" waxes in most cases, because it is inert and will not yellow over time. Apply to the second brush, use three or four, back and forth, sweeping strokes. Do not dab your brush in the wax. This could cause an abundance of wax to be applied to the bronze that could actually harm the patina surface.
4. Dab your brush on the lid of the wax can to remove any excess wax.
5. Lightly apply a super thin coat of wax to the surface of the bronze using gentle sweeping motions.
6. Apply more wax to the brush as described, working it down into crevices.

Q: What should I be cautious of when applying wax to my Coastal Bronze Hardware?
A: Using too much wax may remove previous layers of wax. It is very important not to apply too much wax or work it into the surface to vigorously. Cover the entire surface with wax and let it dry according to the directions on the container.

Q: What are some things I should remember when applying wax to my Coastal Bronze Hardware?
A: Keep your brushes separately in labeled bags, free from other contaminants, for future use.
A: Using a clean, dry, cotton cloth, gently rub in a circular motion, the dried wax from the bronze surface until you achieve the desired shine. To achieve a dull surface, do not rub the surface after waxing.
A: To achieve a better protective coating for your Coastal Bronze Hardware, you may want to re-apply a second coat using the same technique.