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Schaub & Company Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Visit Schaub and Company's Website for their complete line of decorative cabinet hardware. Contact us for pricing for any products you do not see at

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Schaub Ordering Info

Ordering Info
Q) Does Schaub have a minimum order quantity or amount?
A) No, Schaub does not require a minimum order quantity or dollar amount. We do not charge a small order fee or any drop ship fees, Shipping for Schaub products is $10 for orders under $199

Q) What are the expedited shipment options?
A) All orders are drop shipped from Shaub in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Schaub will process urgent shipments upon request and at customer expense. Free Ground shipping over $199

Q) What freight company is used by Schaub & Company?
A) United Parcel Service ' UPS ' is the primary shipment method.

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(Q) What is the best way to clean Schaub & Company products?
A) We recommend only warm water and a soft cloth to clean Schaub Hardware.
Please do not use chemical or abrasive cleansers.

Q) What is a living finish?
A) Some of Schaub & Company's products are an unlacquered, living finish that will subtly change due to touch, climate and age. This type of product is intended to patina and antique over time as a way to enhance its appearance.

Q) What is meant by the 'lost wax' manufacturing process?
A) Many of the Symphony items are manufactured using a lost wax process. Over the centuries, the lost wax technique has been used to create many items, including jewelry and bronze statues. An artist creates an original model of a piece of cabinet hardware from wax. Because wax is soft and pliable, this allows for intricate detail in the design. A mold is then made of this original sculpture. When the mold is finished, wax is poured into it to create a hollow wax shell. This shell is then covered with crystalline silica over the entire piece of wax. Once the silica hardens into a ceramic-like substance, the molten brass is poured into it, melting the wax, hence 'lost wax'. Once it cools, the ceramic is broken away, revealing the piece of cabinet hardware.

Q) What does cc mean?
A) cc refers to the 'center to center' dimension for pulls. The distance between the two holes drilled into cabinets for application of pulls is the center to center dimension. When purchasing replacement pulls, measurement of the distance between any pre-drilled holes is necessary for accurate product ordering.

Q) What does mm mean?
A) mm is an abbreviation for millimeters.

Some Schaub product is manufactured in Europe where the metric system of measurement is used. Dimensions such as center to center or overall size is provided in millimeters for accuracy. To convert a dimension from millimeters to inches, divide the millimeters by 25.4. Example: 320 mm divided by 25.4, equals 12.5 inches.

Q) What freight company is used by Schaub & Company?
A) United Parcel Service ' UPS ' is the primary shipment method.