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About Rocky Mountain Hardware

Rocky Mountain Hardware offers a complete line of handmade, solid bronze, architectural hardware. Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide a diverse and appealing product guaranteed to endure for generations to come. Our dedication to the partnership of simple-yet-elegant form and superior function is exemplified in each and every piece we make.

Through sand-cast and lost-wax processes, Rocky Mountain Hardware produces bronze hardware with a balanced combination of hues, textures, and simple lines to complement a wide variety of styles. The aforementioned partnership is sealed by combining state-of-the-art components and precise machining to achieve an unequaled level of worry-free operation for generations to come.

Rocky Mountain Hardware also specializes in making client ideas come to life through our extensive custom capabilities. We encourage clients to collaborate with our team to turn a concept into reality. This product binder is another facet of the form and function partnership. Feedback from our clients, including our distributors, architects, builders, designers, and end users, has been combined with our observations to produce a tool that provides all of the information needed to specify and/or order products.

Our Green Philosophy

At Rocky Mountain Hardware, we believe that being environmentally responsible is part of our job.

• All Rocky Mountain Hardware products are cast of 100% art grade recycled bronze.
• Our product is third party certified to contain a minimum of 90% recycled content, of which 50% is post-consumer. Post consumer waste is that which typically goes to a landfill.
• While our product is made from 100% recycled bronze, our certification is for 90% recycled content because it takes into account the lock mechanism and other non-recycled sub-assemblies.
• Our product can contribute up to 2 LEED® points towards commercial projects.
• We stand behind our product with a Lifetime Guarantee. • All manufacturing facilities are in Idaho, USA.
• Corporate headquarters is LEED® Gold certified.

About the Hardware

Base Metals

Rocky Mountain Hardware individually pours each piece of hardware using only the highest quality silicon and white bronzes. These two bronzes are distinct in their appearance: silicon bronze contains copper, silicon, and zinc, and is coppery-gold in color; white bronze contains copper, manganese, nickel, and zinc, and is silver in color. Patinas Bronze will naturally oxidize over time. Various factors, including time, touch, climate, and exposure to elements, will affect this ongoing aging process, thus changing the color, sheen, and texture of the bronze. This “living finish” is referred to as the patina. Rocky Mountain Hardware uses hand-applied patinas to bring a desired aged appearance to your bronze hardware. Silicon bronze can be finished in a brushed, light, medium, dark, or rust patina. White bronze can be finished in a brushed, light, medium, or dark patina. The patina will continue to evolve at a natural rate based on several aforementioned factors.


Each piece of hardware is individually made-to-order, handcrafted, and hand-distressed. Combined with the patina process, this manufacturing approach means that no two pieces of Rocky Mountain Hardware are exactly alike.


The desirable and inevitable quality of bronze is that it will change with time. There is no cleaner, wax, or polish that can stop this process. Ideally, the surface should not be treated with a cleaner. If necessary, however, it can be cleaned with mild soap and water. A high quality clear floor wax may also be applied to any patina to protect the finish.


Rocky Mountain Hardware highly recommends selecting Bronze Light (BL) or White Light (WL) finishes for all sinks. Other patinas are available; however, they are living finishes and will change with time, touch, and use. (i.e.: Harsh cleaning and beauty products, acidic fruits, etc. may strip patina finish.)